29 Nov 2017

13 Years of Holiday Pay Awarded

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beach 2The European Court of Justice have agreed that a Salesman is entitled to bring a claim for holiday pay for the entire length of his engagement meaning the company he worked for now faces paying 13 years worth of holiday pay. The company, The Sash Window Workshop engaged Mr Conley King as a commission based salesmen in 1999 until 2012 when he was dismissed.

The company believed he was self-employed and that arrangement suited him at the time. The case will now go back to the Court of Appeal to see whether they will agree with the tribunals decision that Mr King was entitled to holiday pay but regardless of whether he wins or loses, it is now set in stone that individuals can claim back from the point they first started working for the client. The amount claimed by Mr King in this case was £27k and so it goes to show how quickly these liabilities can add up and how hard it could be for an individual to resist making such a claim.