For Agencies

Marble provide CIS payroll services for recruitment companies. We understand that compliance is of paramount importance to our clients and as such we work with our clients to ensure the processes and procedures throughout the contractual chain are robust and provide the best protection possible for all parties involved.

Many agencies will be aware that for an individual to be paid on a self-employed basis there must be a lack of supervision, direction and control as to the manner in which the services are provided. There is currently very limited case law on this subject and even when there becomes more case law to reply on, each case will have different facts and so it is essential to pay close attention to how the individuals work and ensure you have a strong defence if challenged by HMRC.

The owners of Marble have a considerable amount of experience in defending HMRC disputes including defending companies that have been challenged under the agency legislation. Their experience includes reviewing how companies operate, defending cases at the tax tribunals, carrying out nationwide seminars (on topics such as IR35, employment status, agency legislation, MSC legislation and expenses) as well as writing and contributing to various publications including Tolleys, Simon’s Tax Briefing and Bloomsbury Publishing.

As a result of the above we pride ourselves with being able to go beyond the services a standard payroll company can offer as we are able to offer our clients a genuine and comprehensive compliance platform from which they can base their business. We can not only review the processes in place of our clients to ensure they are as strong as possible but we can provide updates, on going advice and a legal defence if HMRC do take a look at how our agency clients operate. This set’s us apart from other payroll companies in the industry, many of whom can offer little by way of experience in actually defending HMRC disputes. We believe our unique position enables us to offer a service not otherwise available in the marketplace.

Marble also offer a PAYE umbrella service for those individuals that cannot be self-employed and the agency does not wish to engage and pay the individuals directly. We can also engage and pay individuals that have their own personal service companies with the added extra that we will offer IR35 fee protection for those personal service company contractors meaning if they were to get an IR35 challenge for the work undertaken on behalf of our agency clients, we would defend the IR35 position including representing them at the tax tribunals where necessary while they are contracting through Marble. This is a great added benefit our agencies can offer to their clients.

Last of all, if you provide services to the public sector and are concerned about the changes to IR35, we can look at the services provided, who is effected, the consequences and options available.

If you may be interested in any of the services offered by Marble contracting, please get in touch to arrange a free no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.