Increase in HMRC challenges

In November 2012 HMRC changed their approach to opening enquiries with the roll out of business records checks. Instead of going down the old route of opening official compliance checks, visiting the premises, questioning the staff and reviewing mountains of documents which can take a day or two per company. HMRC now phone companies and.. read more →

“Subcontractor” actually an employee

The judgement of Yurdaer Yetis v HMRC (2012) was released yesterday and makes for an interesting read in relation to employment status. As with the case of Slush Puppie v HMRC, this employment status dispute at the Tax Tribunal was a result of an individual claiming they were an employee. In this case HMRC assessed.. read more →

Slush Puppie Avoid Brain Freeze

In a slightly unusual case both Slush Puppie and HMRC ended up arguing an employment status case at the tax tribunals when neither party really wanted to. The Facts The case was a result of a disgruntled self-employed worker writing to HMRC saying that he was in fact an employee of Slush Puppie and therefore.. read more →

More companies switch to Marble

Within the last month alone we have taken on three new clients who were all previously using different companies to protect them from employment status challenges. Having met with each of them it was clear that although they were getting good customer service, they were simply not getting the level of protection they first believed.. read more →

Lap dancer wins employment status dispute…

The price of a lap dance may just have gone up following the recent employment status dispute in the case of Quashie v Stringfellow Restaurants Ltd [2012]. Miss Quashie was engaged as a self-employed lap dancer at Stringfellow’s restaurant where, in 2008 she was dismissed for taking and dealing drugs. She subsequently brought a claim.. read more →