Off payroll working tax handbook

Earlier in the year, one of the directors of Marble were asked to write a tax book for Bloomsbury Publishing about people that work “off-payroll”. The purpose of the book was to set out and analyse the law surrounding engaging people on a self-employed basis – whether they be sole-traders, have their own limited company.. read more →

HMRC wins case against presenter

HMRC won their first battle over the employment status of a TV presenter. Christa Ackroyd Media v HMRC is the first case to go to the tax tribunals regarding a presenter in HMRC’s pursuit of the media industry. HMRC currently have a considerable number of live enquiries into the employment status of people in the media.. read more →

Consultation on Employment Status

The Government have started their consultation process on employment status. The 53 page document goes into detail about the current problems associated with employment status and the various options available to the Government to address the issues with 64 questions open for response. Once all responses have been received by the 1 June 2018 and reviewed,.. read more →

IR35 private sector timeline

The government have confirmed that they will consult on whether to change IR35 in the private sector next summer and will then confirm any legislation or proposed changes in the 2018 Autumn Budget. This is good news for any individuals working through their own personal service companies as they can continue to operate in the same.. read more →

13 Years of Holiday Pay Awarded

The European Court of Justice have agreed that a Salesman is entitled to bring a claim for holiday pay for the entire length of his engagement meaning the company he worked for now faces paying 13 years worth of holiday pay. The company, The Sash Window Workshop engaged Mr Conley King as a commission based salesmen.. read more →