Using Ltd Co Contractors?

There have been many reports that a change is on the horizon for companies that pay limited company subcontractors. Companies could soon be liable for the tax and national insurance due to HMRC if the limited company contractors they engage should have in fact been employed. As it currently stands in the private sector, if an.. read more →

Tax Planning 2017/18

One of the Directors of Marble, Kye Burchmore was recently asked by Bloomsbury Publishing to update the “Agency workers and intermediaries” Chapter in the Tax Planning 2017/18 book which aims to provide new planning strategies and opportunities for practitioners and their clients. The book is available to purchase from 1 November 2017 via Bloomsbury’s website: On their website Bloomsbury.. read more →

03 Nov 2017
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CITB for at least 3 more years

The Construction Industry Training Board levy is payable by all companies who are engaged wholly or mainly in construction industry activities. Construction companies are encouraged by the CITB to register with the body and start paying the levy, alternatively if the CITB identify that your business is in construction they can write to you and raise the.. read more →

CITB review and rate cut

The CITB has been subject to a great deal of criticism over the last couple of years with many calls for it to be scrapped. We do not come across many (if in fact any) people in the building industry that get a benefit from the CITB that outweighs the burden. The CITB must carry out a.. read more →

HMRC win driver case

The heat is continuing to rise for companies that engage self-employed people after a judgement was released last week by the courts confirming that the self-employed drivers engaged by RS Dhillon and GP Dhillon Partnerships should have been employees. The business provides haulage services delivering aggregates, asphalt and tarmac and engaged drivers on a self-employed.. read more →