31 May 2012

More companies switch to Marble

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Within the last month alone we have taken on three new clients who were all previously using different companies to protect them from employment status challenges.

Having met with each of them it was clear that although they were getting good customer service, they were simply not getting the level of protection they first believed to be the case.  

Excellent customer service is all well and good but unless there is something of substance behind it you may as well throw your money down the drain. Why hand over thousands of pounds a year to a company just because of the customer service levels when their basic product doesn’t do what you thought it was supposed to do?

If for example, your mobile phone network was always down and you couldn’t make calls, would you continue to pay them  just because of their wonderful call centre? Most companies would change, this is no different!

In an article posted on our website the other month we highlighted how certain “contract payroll companies” or contract companies “guaranteeing or indemnifying you against a HMRC liability” only provide you with a thin layer of protection and you could still find yourself with an enquiry (and liability for that matter). Make sure you know what you are getting for your money (or perhaps what you are not getting)!

We will not simply “promise” to pay up when you get a challenge by HMRC, with Marble you would not face the extensive employment status challenge in the first place.

Switching over to Marble is very simple and easy to do and could be significantly better for the longevity of your business.