13 Dec 2019

Off payroll working tax handbook

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Earlier in the year, one of the directors of Marble were asked to write a tax book for Bloomsbury Publishing about people that work “off-payroll”. The purpose of the book was to set out and analyse the law surrounding engaging people on a self-employed basis – whether they be sole-traders, have their own limited company or work through agencies and intermediaries.

The book will consider the legislation, case law and HMRC guidance in this complicated area and provide the reader with clarity over what the law says and how it applies to their business. Kye has previously worked with Bloomsbury having updated chapters of their tax planning series as well as writing articles for them.

The first draft of the book has now been written and it will be due for release in the Spring of 2020 to coincide with the changes to IR35. A copy of the book can be ordered here. If you do not have the time or inclination to read a book about tax, why not contact Kye to discuss your business and how you can reduce the risk of HMRC winning a status argument.