HMRC win driver case

The heat is continuing to rise for companies that engage self-employed people after a judgement was released last week by the courts confirming that the self-employed drivers engaged by RS Dhillon and GP Dhillon Partnerships should have been employees. The business provides haulage services delivering aggregates, asphalt and tarmac and engaged drivers on a self-employed.. read more →

False self-employment consultation

If you engage self-employed staff you will soon need to reconsider your position! The government put proposals forward which they plan to bring into force in April 2014 which would make it virtually impossible for companies to engage people on a self-employed basis without the risk of an HMRC “agency challenge”. If there are three people in.. read more →

So you think they are self-employed?

If you engage self-employed sole-traders you need to be 100% confident that you could successfully argue a challenge by HMRC even against the most stubborn HMRC officer. If HMRC conduct a routine compliance review on your company they will almost certainly question whether the self-employed individuals you engage should have been employees. We have listed.. read more →