What we do

Marble remove the employment status risk of engaging self-employed individuals.

Whether an individual can be paid on a self-employed basis is a complicated area of law and one which attracts a large liability if the wrong conclusion is reached. Marble was set up in 2010 to provide companies with certainty and peace of mind over where they stand so that they don’t have to be concerned about HMRC looking at how the individuals are engaged.

We review how our clients operate and determine whether the individuals providing the services are employed or can work on a self-employed basis. Marble then contracts with and pays the individuals for the work done and we are then the ones responsible for getting their employment status correct which enables our clients to concentrate on their business without the risk or worry of an employment status challenge. Marble is owned and managed by leading tax and legal experts from RIFT Legal Services. We have extensive experience in employment status and IR35  and are able to review how your workforce is engaged to assess what the employment status is of those carrying out the work. We know when the law allows for someone to be self-employed and more importantly the way in which to defend any challenge to this position.

Our terms and conditions are drafted by us and are bespoke for our clients to ensure that the contractual documents are an accurate reflection of the working relationship. This provides optimum protection and security for companies against employment status law challenges.