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Marble can provide certainty and protection over the complicated area of employment status.

The owners of Marble are from backgrounds including tax, accountancy, legal and HMRC. Sarah, Kye and Dave set up Marble in 2010 having worked together in tax compliance for several years where they built a notable reputation for defending HMRC challenges in areas like employment status and IR35.

Marble was established so that companies can be proactive regarding employment status and address the issue before it could become a problem. Companies like to know where they stand and operate in a compliant manner however this is not made easy when the law surrounding employment status in unclear and leaves it open to interpretation and challenge by HMRC.

If you use Marble, we will have a contract for services with the subcontractors and be responsible for all payments made to the individuals. As the contractual and financial relationship is between Marble and the individuals, we will be responsible for assessing their employment status and getting it correct. If HMRC want to look at whether the individuals should have in fact been on PAYE, this is a matter between Marble and HMRC and our clients do not get dragged into that argument meaning they can concentrate on their business knowing they won’t end up with any employment status liabilitiesWe can advise which individuals can be treated as self-employed and those that should be employed and we will pay them accordingly.

We have vast experience in the field of employment status and HMRC enquiries and can ensure our clients receive a service that not only works well for the needs of their business but also protects their company so they have complete certainty over their position and can be sure that the employment status of their workers is being handled by experts. We have defended employment status challenges in most fields whether it be a typical challenge in construction, the security industry or logistics right through to more unique cases like sportsmen, tour guides or tv presenters.

No other contracting/payroll business has as much experience as the owners of Marble in defending employment status challenges at the tax tribunals. By contracting with Marble you have the unique advantage of knowing that we know the law, we know when individuals can be self-employed and most importantly, we know how to defend any challenges.

For further peace of mind if HMRC do enquire into any of our clients, we will liaise with HMRC and handle the enquiry from start to finish without further charge. Marble has had both a VAT check and CIS compliance check with HMRC and both were closed without any issues being raised. It may be also useful to note that some of our clients have also had HMRC compliance checks and the employment status of the subcontractors engaged by Marble was quite rightly never even questioned by HMRC.

We also operate a tax consultancy (RIFT Legal Services) which specialises in advising companies about the employment status of their workforce and RIFT defends HMRC enquiries regarding employment status, IR35, agency legislation and the Managed Service Company rules. This enables us to keep on top of any developments in the field and ensure our processes and procedures are always up to date.

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