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It is of course easy for companies to make such a claim, but we can back it up. To start with, Marble have had a VAT Inspection and an HMRC enquiry in 2019 both of which were concluded without any issues, this in itself is something not many companies in our industry can boast and is a credit to our knowledge in this area.

If you work in the construction industry, we have also had confirmation from the CITB that the levy does not apply to the payments we make to the subcontractors. As we are registered in CIS for gross payment status it also means that the CITB levy does not apply to the payments our clients make to us.

Perhaps what really sets us apart however is the backgrounds of the owners of Marble Contracting. Marble is owned and managed by leading experts in IR35 and employment status who advise and defend companies in relation to HMRC enquiries. They have defended cases at the tax tribunals, written a series of books about defending HMRC disputes and off payroll working, contributed to publications such as Taxation Magazine, Bloomsbury, Tolley’s and Simons Tax Briefing.

It may be possible to obtain guarantees from other companies about them paying the liabilities but if the contracting company operates correctly in the first place, it will not be possible for your company to have a liability in the first instance, and so this really is an empty gesture that is just a marketing ploy.

No other contracting/payroll business has as much experience as the owners of Marble in defending employment status challenges at the tax tribunals. By contracting with Marble you have the unique advantage of knowing that we know the law, we know when individuals can be self-employed and most importantly, we know how to defend any challenges.

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